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Bridal Shower Games...


How well do you know the bride?

Give each guest paper and pen. Read questions to the guests such as how old is the bride, her favorite food, her shoe size, favorite movie, names of fiancés parents, favorite color, etc. The guest that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize. You will be surprised what people do or do not know.

How well does the bride know her fiancé?

Ask the fiancé several questions before the shower. What is his favorite color, favorite movie, favorite restaurant, best memory with fiancé, favorite musician, high school best friend, most embarrassing moment, location of first kiss, etc. Ask the bride the same questions. For every question she gets wrong, she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. This game gets hilarious.

Words of wisdom.

When the bride opens a gift, the person giving the gift has to offer the bride some words of wisdom on ways to have a long and happy marriage. As she opens the gifts write down who gave what and the advice they shared. -------- Scrambled words. Scramble some words relating to the wedding, for example: church, flowers, wedding ring, the couples wedding month and last name. Set a timer for the amount of time the guests have to unscramble the words. The guest with the most unscrambled correctly wins a prize.

The spice game.

Have 10 – 15 bottles of herbs or spices with the labels covered. Number each spice. Give the guests pen and paper and have them guess at what the spices are. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Box of recipes.

When mailing out the invitations include a recipe card with the invitation. Give instructions to each guest to write down their favorite recipe and bring the card to the shower. At the shower gather all the cards, put them in a recipe box and give it to the bride.

Toilet paper wedding dress.

Divide the guests into groups of three. Each team is given 4 rolls of toilet paper and 20 minutes to design a wedding dress. Each team chooses a "bride" and then proceeds to wrap the bride in the dress. Each team then shows off their bride in front of the other guests. The dresses are voted on to determine the best bridal gown. A gift is then given to the chosen bride and her designers. This game really gets the party going and results in some hilarious pictures. Guests get very creative and have a great time.

The reaction game.

This game coincides with opening the gifts. One of the bridesmaids writes down the bride's verbal reaction to her gifts. After all the gifts are opened the bridesmaid announces that these are some of the things that will be said on the brides wedding night. This gets hilarious! Example: " Oh, I've always wanted one of these", " This is wonderful", "I know just where I'm going to put this."

The pencil in the bottle game.

For this game you will need ribbon, a pencil and a soda bottle. Tie the ribbon around the guest's waist with the other end of the ribbon tied to the pencil and hanging between their legs. The tip of the pencil should be about even with the knees or above. The object of the game is to get the pencil all the way into the bottle in the shortest amount of time. This game is more difficult than it sounds and it's hilarious to watch the women lifting their skirts and rotating their hips while trying.



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